Breaking Free

Breaking free
Hey guys, just give us a break,
We are sick of all this give and take..
We don't give a fuck 'bout what's in store,
Our luck's just a bloody bitchy whore..
Like hell,we care 'bout our future,
Just cut us free from this hellish torture..
We are not here set a fucking example,
Just leave us alone before we crumple...
Don't you guys have a fucking heart,
Screwing our lives is all ye want... 
May be not today, but we will break free,
We will be ruling this fucking country...
One day, oh hell yeah, one day,
You'll listen to what WE say..
Close your eye n broaden your  mind,
The D-day ain't that far behind..
Don't you feel ground shaking already,
The sky has gone all murky n shady...
Tearing the facade of all shattered dreams and lies,
The new Dawn would come, A new sun would rise.